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We play D&D. We're super serious. Super super.

About EyrionEdit

Eyrion is a D&D world created by our lord DM.

More specifically, Eyrion is a world not unlike other fantasy worlds. It's rife with conflict, evil, questions about morality, and of course - whether or not it's safe to loot that treasure chest. (It's usually not worth it....)

Much of the core structure of the world follows D&D basics - many of the creatures retain their names/features. The material world is still as it should be, and many of the cosmological markers are all the same. The Gods are a mixed bag - some of the classic Gods are still here, and many many more are added in. The additions can be found on the NPC page (or the deities page, of course). The level of tech is generally candle-light and very early electricity, with exceptions for areas where Gnomes are at their most common.


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