Little is known about Alcorvus, except that he has been noted throughout history as a peculiar vampire with a tendency to appear and disappear seemingly without reason. He's known to take the guise of any number of creatures, both humanoid and not, to fool his intended victims.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Name: Alcorvus

Race: Vampire

Class: Unknown

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Deity: Unknown

Height: 5'

Weight: 95 lbs

Hair: Red

Eyes: Red

Appearance: Though he normally takes a form aesthetically pleasing or otherwise unremarkable in relation to the area he's in, Alcorvus' true form is that of a red-eyed, red-haired teenage boy clad in dancing clothes from Tulaknum in the Eba region.

Personality: When he's playing a part, Alcorvus acts nonchalant and easygoing, preferring to spout off things about how life is unavoidable and that he's happy with his life. In the few instances where his victims weren't his intended food source, they all said the same: Alcorvus is a singularly demented, murderous vampire. A master of manipulation, he has no hesitation about pretending to be something he isn't in order to get what he wants.

Religious Ideals: Unknown as of current.


Alcorvus has been sighted throughout history, and mentions of him date back to nearly the beginning of time. Though the stories vary widely in location and length, there is commonality - every story involving the vampire speaks of his cruel and devious nature.

Most of the stories also involve him using disguises. In Year 23, he used the guise of a Dwarf. In year 152, the guise of a Ytoli regent. Year 245, a Halfling. Several mentions of Alcorvus using the guise of monsters of various sizes also exist. The victims in all of these stories had no reason to believe that Alcorvus was anything other than he claimed.

Though no one knows for sure how he came to be or when or where he's from, Alcorvus always dresses the same in his actual form. His dark red hair falls well down to his knees and he's always seen in dancer's garb from Tulaknum - most surmise that, whatever his circumstances, he spent at least a good portion of his time as a dancer, possibly for nobility based upon the quality of his finery. Whether he was a dancer by choice or by slavery is uncertain, and none have lived long enough to get him to talk of himself. However, there is tell of a journal kept by an astute young scholar who realized Alcorvus' identity before he himself became a victim to the vampire, hidden away in a secret vault somewhere in Tulaknum's great library. It's rumored that the man might have even been able to pen the ancient menace's weakness before he was killed for blood, but no amount of searching has turned up any such vaults in the library's expanse.


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