Aknier is some guy who also casts spells. The following is mostly exaggerated because the DM is a troll 8'D

Vital StatisticsEdit

Character Information
Name Aknier of Lior
Age 19
Race Human
Class/Profession Wizard
Home Country ???
Home Town Lior
Deity None

Name: Aknier

Race: Human

Class: Wizard/Human Paragon

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Alignment: Neutral Good

Deity: N/A

Height: 5'9

Weight: 150

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Appearance: Aknier dons a blue wizard robe and hat.

Personality: (To be filled in later.)

Religious Ideals: No deity can comprehend the nature of Aknier's scythe.


(To be filled in later.)


The PartyEdit

LEWELLYN BRYSE: (To be filled in later.)

KRAVEN DIAMONDSHIELD: (To be filled in later.)

NAIYA: UST, in a single acronym. He's her girlfriend.  :D (To be filled in later.)

THEROIAN: Aknier is still waiting on his money for winning some bets, bro. (To be filled in later.)

ASCHA: He's not sure what to think of Ascha. (To be filled in later.)


BONES: Protection from Arrows, enough said. (To be filled in later.)


Mother and brother deceased. Father = ???